About the host


My name is Roberto and I'm an entrepreneur from Ponta do Sol, Madeira. My friends tell me I'm passionate about creating new business, but I like to think that my ventures can provide new and interesting experiences for others.

I left to study in Rome at the age of seventeen and this experience changed my life forever. I met people from many different countries and backgrounds, some of whom I became great friends with.

When I returned to Madeira Island I imagined how I could bring these friends, and new ones too, to the land I love. It wasn't until I came into possession of my grandmothers land in Anjos - Ponta do Sol, that I saw potential for a very special project, the Canto das Fontes - Madeira Island Glamping.

After careful planing and years of development, the space came into its own and anyone who visits is witness to its unmatched beauty.

I receive every guest as I would one of my old friends from Rome: with great joy and pride to show the best that this Island has to offer.

I love to travel, party, meet new and interesting people, exchange new experiences.

The Story behind the project

I was 8 years old the first time I went with my grandmother to help her irrigate the banana trees in a land down the hill. I still remember how happy I was with the surroundings, even if I had to walk down the hill for 2 hours to get there through some old trails. The sound of the springs, and watching the boats down the sea was so amazing for me, that I continued to join her on the weekends.

After some time my grandmother was getting too old to continue to grow on this land so it was abandoned for almost 20 years, until it happen that I came by and decided to bring it again to life.


It was in December 2008 when I started to prepare the field and begin planting the first fruit trees. In 2010 I built a small house and started buying abandoned land around to increase the property. In September 2013 the time came to rebuild the old walls people used to build to sustain the land and to be able to cultivate by the hills.
It took one year until the new part of the field was ready, and it was because of this result that I decided to move forward and prepare it to provide a new experience for locals and people visiting Madeira Island.



The Canto das Fontes is located 100 meters above the beach of Anjos, a small village between the Ponta do Sol and Madalena do Mar, on the sunny west coast of Madeira.

The Canto das Fontes is the last land on the access road, which has no outlet and therefore ensures plenty of peace and full contact with nature.

A café and grocery store where you can buy fresh bread and basics can be found in the fishermen's neighborhood at 3 minutes distance, or anything in a supermarket at Ponta do Sol center, 5 minutes away.

Still in Ponta do Sol center you can find a pharmacy, bank, medical center, cafes, a couple of restaurants and some trendy bars.
The main road to the plateau of Paúl da Serra, which offers some of the best tours in Madeira, begins around.

Ponta do Sol is known as the sunniest place in Madeira, and the entire front of the city is a rocky beach with sea access.

Still in Ponta do Sol can visit his old port and stroll through the historic streets.

10-minute drive east is Ribeira Brava, the largest city before Funchal, and offers more rocky beach facilities and access to the sea, plus a large supermarket and more shops, cafes and restaurants.

10-minute drive west is the resort of Calheta with its man-made golden beaches, a marina and a wide choice of supermarkets, restaurants and bars.

The capital, Funchal, is an easy 40 minutes away from the motorway.

The airport is about 50 minutes easy drive away.


The Concept

I love to grow things, different species, all sizes and colors. and I also like to interact with people from different cultures, so I decided to mix both and bet on a concept called Glamping. So we built the first two Tipi tents, strategically located with the best view in the field.

This is the first Glamping project made in Madeira Island. This project was opened on June 2015, and it included two cozy Tipi tents installed in a 3300 sq mt land were we have a Permaculture Design and a Certified Organic Farming project going on, with banana trees as the main culture, in an unique location on a cliff over the sea.

The idea is that you wake up inside a tropical forest with all the fruits, plants and flowers you can imagine, breathe fresh pure air from the Atlantic in a subtropical climate, while having all comfort in the simplicity.

Nowadays we have two Tipi tents and a Yurt, with the purpose that the visitor feels completely at peace and fully relaxed in the place, with a big and exclusive space out for him or herself. The only sounds we can hear in this place are the 30 mt waterfall that falls inside the property, and the waves 100 meters down on the beach, So we are sure this is the perfect spot for a couple of days of relaxing in the nature, while having all the comfort we need.



Property Type: Small villa with organic farm

Meals: Do it yourself; According to the season, and with what’s available on the field, is possible to pick and eat fruits, vegetables, eatable flowers and aromatic plants from the organic farm.

Area: 3300 Mt2

Location Type: near the sea; Countryside

Theme: away from it all; Rustic; Romantic; Peacefully

General: fireplace; bedding; Parking; towels; Washing machine;
Kitchen: coffee machine; Dishes and utensils; Spices; fridge; stove; toaster; Dining area 8 seats
Bathrooms: 2 Bathrooms (One per each Tipi); 2 Toilet (One per each Tipi)

Entertainment Exterior: balcony; Bird watch (several species including the protected Columba palumbus); Permaculture project; Outdoor Furniture; Barbecue;

Convenience: No access for wheelchairs; is possible to smoke but is requested not to throw anything around.

Leisure, Sports & Adventure activities nearbye: scenic drives; Sightseeing; walking; Scubadiving; Paragliding; Offshore Fishing; Pear fishing; Mountain biking; surf; Swimming; windsurfing; Whale and dolphin watch.

Perfectly located for a quiet holiday in the sunniest area.
Perfect for young couples or friends wanting to disconnect from stress life.